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IRONING 101: instructions to the perfect pressed dress shirt

• Begin with the collar. Lay it flat, remove the collar tabs and run the iron over the interior followed by the exterior band. If you intend to use starch, apply it to the exterior collar so the starch is not pressedonto your skin when you wear the shirt (which can cause irritation).

• On to sleeves. Open the cuffs and iron them flat. Then run over the arms, using steam liberally to get the wrinkles out. Here, and going forward before you begin each new section, spray a light coating of starch.

• Save the body for last, as it’s the largest swath of fabric and most prone to noticeable wrinkles. Unbutton the shirt and lay one side over the board, collar towards the top and glide the iron from the top to the bottom until the entire section is wrinkle free. Do the same for the opposite side.

• Drape the back of the shirt across the board. The collar should be at the narrow tip of the ironing board and the shirt should look like it’s hugging the board. Start at the yoke of the shirt, and move in long strokes. Glide the iron over the entire area until the wrinkles are gone.

• Finally, hang the shirt up immediately and button it so the shape stays crisp.

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